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Haadkhom Koh Phangan
The Millennium Samui 2000
Welcome to Koh Samui
Welcome to Koh Samui Thailand.
Lying some 80 kilometers offshore and set amongst innumerabal smaller
islands of the Angthong group,  Samui proudly reigns as the jewel in the crown. 
From the minute that you arrive, whether that be on a Bangkok Airways flight
or aboard one of the many ferries that service Samui, the beauty of this tropical
paradise begins its enchantment.  The airport ranking in charm and floral
splendour among the finest in the world.  The ferry ports leading directly onto
palm fringed beaches or quaint oriental towns are also quite delightful.
(Samui Guide Vol2 No.6 November 99)
Coconut Island
Samui is called "Coconut Island" for obvious reasons.  Coconut trees grow abundantly on this island
covering the mountain, lining the roads, dotting the countryside lending more charm to an already beautiful place
that many visitors call "The Paradise Island".(Th/Eng)
Samui Life
"The Original Samui in the past". (Eng)

Ang Thong Marine National Park
Mu Koh Ang Thong National Park is an Archipelago in the gulf of Thailand consisting of 42 separate islands.
All the islands occur in Ang Thong district of Amphur Koh Samui, Suratthani provice.  The park covers a total area
of 102 SQKM.  The park wad established on 12th November 1980.  Mu Koh Ang Thong Nation Park has many site
of interest for tourist the most popular.
Wau Ta Lap Island the Nation Park Headquarters is situated on the central and id located abouve a clean white
sandy beach.  A view point about 400 meters walk 220 meters high which grom the view point there is a picturesque
panorama of all the islands.  On the way down from the view point a limestone cave can be visited many strange
features and wonderous sights.
Mae Koh Island, Lagoon on the island of Mae Koh is a lagoon which is well worth a visit.  The lagoon is a nature feature
filled with sea water.  A trail is then followed on foot up to a view point which looks down into the lagoon and the sheer
cliffs is one of the most rewarding views in Thailand.
(Highsea Tour/Highway Travel, Samui.)

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Help us to preserve the coral.
1. Don't buy souvenirs made from coral. 
2. Do not throw rubbish into the sea. 

3. Do not touch or break off coral while diving or snorkeling. 

4. Help us inform others to take care of coral. 

5. Park your boats at the proper anchor places. 

6. Help us to develop anchor places for boats, so they don't driff into coral. 

To take care of the environment is everybody's duty, so we like all of you to join in and help us
to protect the beautiful nature of Koh Samui on land and under water.
( Tony Srifa : http://i.am/samuilife/  )

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